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Projects of CILC

The Committee for International Library Cooperation of the Japan Association of Private University Libraries (JASPUL) is engaged in four projects:

Project One is the donation of duplicate books to various libraries. The purpose of the project is to enable private university libraries to donate duplicate books to any library in the United States and East Asia that wants them. Over the past five years since the project was initiated, some 45,000 books have been donated.

Project Two is the sponsoring of international symposiums in Japan. Since the year 2000, we have had the honor of having Mary E. Jackson, David S. Ferriero, James Neal and James Michalko each visit and give a lecture. (For further details see the scripts page.) We look forward to inviting specialists not only from the United States but from Europe as well.

Project Three is the establishment of exchange programs for librarians between JASPUL and libraries in other countries. Although a few University libraries have some exchange programs of their own, most other Japanese university libraries do not. JASPUL wishes to support the creation of more exchange programs.

Project Four is the sending of JASPUL librarians to conferences held in other countries, which will provide them with an opportunity to obtain new information/technology and learn about new developments in library science.